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Back to the Learning and Sharing

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Eklak Dangaura
·Jun 25, 2022·

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Hello, this is Eklak.

Welcome to the blog.

In the coming days, I will be sharing my learnings and the journey that I have taken. It might not be regular, but whenever it will feel like things should be shared with the public, I will be here publishing them for all, to share and learn from others' perspectives.

It's been a really long time since I published any of the articles in any of the publications.

So what can be expected from this blog?

I am thinking of going all in this time to learn all the things to clear the gap between the work and the understanding of the language/framework or cloud services that I use.

  • In-depth sharing of the knowledge regarding the certain language/framework (I might be using the learnings from the blogs, books, and videos that I consume during the learning.)
  • Docker
  • AWS features
  • Documentation
  • Estimations and project planning
  • Agile

Thank you for staying by.

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