Mental Health Matters

Your work can wait, not your health.

While the world is progressing so fast in the technology field, we are continuously under pressure to learn more and to understand things around us.

It's normal to take a break sometimes.
It's fine to not know everything.
It's okay to be ahead/behind someone.

What is not okay is:
- constantly keeping yourself under pressure
- prioritizing work over your physical and mental health
- not managing
time for yourself, your family, and friends
- ignoring your health in the name of the deadlines

Work will be here with or without you. What will not be here is your deteriorating health, your time with family and friends, and your connection with others.

Learn to take care of yourself. If you think you can't take it anymore, just take a break. Talk with friends, the real friends who are there to support you.

Prioritize you and your health over chaos time and work.
Take it slow, take it steady. Your journey had adventures till this time. Impathize yourself, not just others.

Don't compare with other's journeys. Remember you have your own journey. You have come this far, going through all the ups and downs. If you have to compare, compare with your own past self, and focus on progressing each day, one day at a time.

Remember, if you have sound health, you can achieve anything.