7 things I learned while on break

7 things I learned while on break


Long work without a timely break, breaks one's spirit and motivation to continue what they love. I have been the victim of one. Being in the tech industry for more than 5 years and having taken no breaks, things went upside down for me. I felt burnt out and was completely drained. To recover from that, I took a month's break from the work. Here are some of the things that I realized while on break.

  1. Be patient. Things take time, and what you deserve will eventually be with you.

  2. Let it be. If it worked, then that's fine. If it didn't, that too is fine.

  3. We always underestimate ourselves by comparing ourselves with the best people. One may not be the best but could be far better than others too. Realize your worth.

  4. Work will never end. Learn to take breaks. The break will not only give you peace but will also make you free from all the detox that you have had with time.

  5. Health is a must. Nothing is more important than your mental and physical health.

  6. It's always about a journey. Destination merely gives the things you wish. Learn to enjoy your own journey of ups and downs.

  7. Be in the present, but always keep your eyes ahead, use what you learned in past, and try to eradicate mistakes.

Hello, this is Eklak Dangaura. I am a Software Engineer by profession. I mostly write about programming, leadership, and life lessons from my own experience. If you wish to learn some things from it, follow this blog.